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    The Company Widens a Circle of “Looks Exciting!”


    The message to staff is always “Enjoy working!”

    As a company to fill a gap between the social framework and hierarchy, we shall exist to enter somewhere no one would or could enter and to do something no one would or could ever do, so that we could create the space no one can ever attempt to do.

    Nevertheless, it would be meaningless if the gap filler made you feel annoying or uncomfortable.

    Wishing to create the amusing and exhilarating space around us,
    I want our staff to
    “Always enjoy working!”
    “Give our customers satisfaction and exhilaration!” and
    “Give a smile to everyone associated with us!”

    These will lead to a thought of “don’t know why but that company looks exciting”, which will provide us with greater power and possibility to widen a circle of smiles and satisfaction.

    For our company’s future, however, we still have to keep in mind that the company should be underlain by gratitude as in “The boughs that bear most hang lowest”, a motto of the founder Masaji Kobayashi. Avoiding “Ploughing the field and forgetting the seeds” but pursuing my basic principles “Know when it winds and master how water flows”, I hope these will all be advanced involving everyone and everything in us!

    Haruhiko Kobayashi

    President and Representative Director



  • Corporate Profile

    Head Office 549-5, Waseda Tsurumaki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0041, JAPAN
    Tel +81 3 3207 1751
    Fax +81 3 3207 6501
    West Japan office 549-5 Nakashima the second building 203, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 532-0011, JAPAN
    Tel.+81 6 6195 6533 Fax.+81 6 6195 6588
    Founded 1941
    Date of Establishment September 15, 1959
    Capital Stock 44 million yen
    Accounting Period August 31
    Annual Sales 17.0 billion yen (FY2013)


    Tokiko Kobayashi, Chairman

    Haruhiko Kobayashi, President

    Masahiro Kobayashi, Vice-Chairman

    Shiro Kondo, Executive Vice-President

    Akihiko Kobayashi, Executive Director

    Satoshi Takizawa, Managing Director

    Teru Nagahama, Auditor

    Number of Employees 16
    Group Businesses KOYO Co. Ltd.
    Kabushiki Gaisha Mizuya
    DIA preform Co. Ltd.
    IDEN Co. Ltd.
    IPS Japan Co. Ltd.
    Main Financing Banks Edogawabashi Branch, Mizuho Bank
    Shinbashi Branch, Resona Bank
    Shinjuku Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank