• KOBAYASHI CORPORATION Is a General Trading Company for "Packages and Containers”.


    We help you gently pack your “precious products” until they reach consumers.

    We offer you liquid containers like plastic bottles, glass bottles, pumps and tubes, their caps, and dressing cases or corrugated cardboard boxes to pack these products.

    We also deal in film packaging materials for food, medical products and precision machines.

    You are also welcome to consult us for any package design.

    As a company earning trust and successful records, we are able to accept orders in middle-sized and small lots you might hesitate to directly order to major container suppliers.

    Please contact us if you are thinking about developing a new product or private brand. Our proposals will include prices as well as functionalities and designs.

    We will offer you a proposal on the effectively advertising designs not only for packages and containers that directly pack your products but for dressing cases and corrugated cardboard boxes.