Total Package

When you plan or develop a new product, what you need next is to think of the shape and design of a container and packing. With the “Total Package” proposal, we help you produce a “selling product”. Your plan or development of a new product always requires a container and packing material for such product. It also requires “selection of a container”, “selection of a packing material and/or dressing case” and “selection of a corrugated cardboard box for transportation”, as well as the design appropriate for the product image and container shape. We are here to solve all these for you!

Similar to any other product, packing materials and containers have the trend responsive to the tide of the times. The important factors to create a selling product are the shape, design and functionality of the product container in addition to its price. Our unique “Total Package” proposal we make as a general trading company for packages and containers enjoys great popularity with the customers who develop a product for the first time or who do business with us for the first time. Please feel free to contact us earning trust and successful records first!


Total Package Solutions

ペットボトルWhat a general trading company makes possible – Is to determine which manufacturer or developer is most appropriate for a product. KOBAYASHI CORPORATION commits to making a product you plan/develop “visible in your consumers’ eyes”. Not only do we make the total package proposal but we are happy to respond to various needs like the orders for containers or cardboard boxes only. Considering ourselves as a company that was an empty bottle collector at its establishment, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we began from the point of view of recycling. We will actively make a proposal for selecting a recyclable or resource-saving material from the perspective of global environmental conservation. Please feel free to contact us first.