Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles are lighter, stronger and more hygienic. We cannot miss the trend with their shapes diversified and weight reduced year by year. The advanced recycling technology has also increased the rate of recycling these bottles. We deal in a wide range of bottles for beverage and seasonings both in small and large lots. The “heatproof, pressure-proof, and heat- and pressure-proof” types and “square, round and polygonal” types are also available in any size. In addition, we will offer you other services ranging from custom-made products to development of a new shape.


Glass Bottles and Cans


Glass bottles and cans require different shapes and sizes not only for food applications like beverage and seasonings but for cosmetics and industrial applications. Glass bottles are various in their shapes and sizes with a sense of luxury and beauty cultivated with their long history. We have developed ourselves together with the history of canned beverage. Please feel free to contact us for canned containers. We will offer you a wide range from aluminum cans to the latest bottle cans.




Various caps of different materials like resin and metal are also available appropriate for different shapes and materials of the container spouts. Out of abundant types of caps, we will propose a design and shape most appropriate not only for easy opening/closing but for the functionality of container openings.


Pumps and Tubes


We deal in different pumps, sprays and tubes that require various shapes and applications including food applications and cosmetics, medical/pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Please feel free to consult us for materials such as plastic and metal. Food containers like cups and trays are also available.


Packing Materials, Labels, etc.


The packing materials used in various different fields include those for food, medical/pharmaceutical products, semiconductors and electronic components. Our proposal including materials for liquid, soft and oxidizable products as well as the materials specialized for sterilization and static prevention will fit your intended applications and necessary property. The PET material, OSP material, paper labels and aluminum pouches are also available for your intended applications. Feel free to contact us first!


Dressing Cases and Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


Don’t ever compromise on the shape or design of a dressing case that “makes consumers feel like picking up”. We are confident about coming up with a proposal that satisfies you out of our superb lineup. Even the selection of an appropriate corrugated cardboard box requires various factors and know-how such as product protection, transportation efficiency and durability. Further, the package design attracting consumers not only at shops but during transportation contributes to effective advertisement. We will provide you with the total process from designing to manufacturing a dressing case and corrugated cardboard box.