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The Kobayashi Corporation believes packaging should convey the products appeal and all the considerations that was put into the product, and we offer unique plans to achieve this.

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The Total Package includes

The Total Package includes

consultations starting from material selections, design, functionality, packing all the way to shipping.

Inquiry Examples

We will be discussing the Kobayashi Corporations capabilities through past examples.

Product Line

Product Line

The Kobayashi Corporation supports product developments such as package designs and preforms among other things.

PBPrivate Brands, Original Products


Our customers valuable products are delivered to the consumers in the carefully thought out packages supported by the Kobayashi Corporation.

Our products range from PET bottles, glass bottles, pumps, tube dispensers for liquid products, to cases, and cardboard boxes for transportation.

Also, we provide film type packaging for foods, pharmaceuticals, and precision machines.

Consultations for any package designs are also available at the Kobayashi Corporation. Any product you choose to have our company design for you, you can be sure of its high quality, superb reliability and most functional performance.

All products to be commercialize, no matter how small your order may be, will be accepted by us, even if other major manufactures may not.

The Kobayashi Corporation will provide propositions for new product or private brand developments, from anything like cases and containers that hold customers products to individual cardboard boxes for transportation.

Of course, our consultation will include the most upfront and honest discussions of costs, functionalities and design.