The Company Widens a Circle of “Looks Exciting!”

I strive to be a company that peeks interest, and spreads curiosity, while filling a void that has been over looked in society. However, if we cannot positively or naturally impact the world around us, our company holds no value. This is why I would like to fill our organization with joy and exhilaration, and I encourage our employees to, "Enjoy their work." "Extend their satisfaction and exhilaration to the clients." "Strive to put a smile on the faces of everyone they come in contact with.", I believe this kind of attitude will attract new clients for Kobayashi Corporation and we will hopefully continue to receive the fruits of our labor, while never forgetting to be humble. I often rerefer to our founder, Mr. Masaji Kobayashi's Motto "The boughs that bear most hang lowest." to remember to always be grateful for every opportunity we have, and this will stay a long-lasting company policy. Also using my thoughts of "Catching the wind when it blows, and flowing along with the current of the stream", I apply knowing the right timing and correct principles to our work, and look forward to the continuous growth of Kobayashi Corporation, with all parties involved, Haruhiko Kobayashi, President